Sketch Plans

Having discussed your proposals we will prepare outline suggestions for your project which we will submit to you, showing the service we propose and possibly also a sketch drawing of the type of building that may be possible for your site. We will give you our terms of business and fee scale.

We are happy to correspond by email or letter.

With your agreement we will then meet again to take your more detailed requirements. We are then in a position to start initial proposals.

We will need to survey the site; the type of survey will depend on the complexity of the site and its buildings as well as your proposed development. Either we will survey ourselves or we will hire a specialist survey company who we have found satisfactory in the past. Generally specialists are cheaper for all but the simplest survey.

To find out how Cooper & Co. can help you call us today onĀ 01432 850 112 or emailĀ [email protected]


Cooper & Co., architects for Ludlow and Tenbury.